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How it worksAs with all social media, popularity is king - your fans and customers are less likely to interact with a social media account with only a few followers - FollowPedia is able to help you grow your social media from a few likes to hundreds or even thousands! Check out our shop to see how we can help now!

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Introducing FollowPedia

Do you have a product or service you want to promote with limited budget? Do you desire to increase the impact of your social media platform? Have you started your social media campaign but you need it to have more bite and following?

Followpedia is here to help!!!

The number of people using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter has continued to grow exponentially. With new users joining the party, the figures and social media interactions keep increasing on a daily basis. The social media has therefore, become an important and effective marketing platform for businesses who desire to get their products or services to a larger audience and increase sales.

However, running a social media campaign that would produce the desired impact on product visibility and sales is no easy feat. Generating a large number of instagram followers, facebook likes or twitter followers that would eventually translate into sales, may require a lot of time and effort.

At followpedia, we help you create the initial and massive spark to kick start your social media interaction or campaign. And if you’ve already started one, we can help to increase the momentum and tempo significantly.

Real Followers, No Drop-Offs, No Passwords Required!

We offer individuals and businesses, real and safe instagram followers, facebook likes and twitter followers at very affordable rates. From 500 to 50,000, or more, we can add real instagram followers, twitter followers or likes to your facebook fan page in a jiffy. So, you no longer need to sweat the small stuff when it comes to increasing your reach and effectiveness on social media.


Your product or service gets massive exposure within a short time and at a fraction of the advertizing cost that would have been required. You therefore save time and money while achieving greater impact.

You social media reach is expanded remarkably, giving you a much larger customer base and higher potentials for sales conversion

Social media interactions have been shown to increase conversion rates because people tend to buy what their friends are buying, rather than what is being advertized.

Your website ranking on search engines becomes higher as more people are linked to it through your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages. This gives your company or business greater exposure and authority which will ultimately lead to more sales.

Contact us now and let us know in what way you want us to assist you on social media. We would be really delighted to help move your business forward.

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